Do you ever wonder where it goes when you flush your toilet, use your 
dishwasher or sinks? Well,  Dotty, Tommy, Tony and cast are here to help educate kids on the fantastic journey from toilet to treatment in Marin.

Brought to You By Your Six Marin
WasteWater Treatment Plants.

Series Introduction Trailer!

Designed for kids and fun for parents, your six Marin Wastewater agencies present a journey through the sanitary system.  Look for this video on Facebook and Instagram :)
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4 Billion Years Old

Dotty the water droplet introduces kids to our 8 part series as we take you on a fun adventure through your six marin wastewater treatment plants and agencies.
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Where Does It Go? 

Dotty describes where the dirty water goes once it leaves your home. Of course, the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
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Primary Treatment

Tommy the toilet paper rolls describes Primary Treatment to kids. Primary Treatment removes the big things that end up in the treatment system.
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Secondary Treatment

Secondary Clarifiers push the sludge to the bottom of the tank where it is removed. Finally, disinfecting takes place to finish the job!
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Storm Drain vs Sewer 

The storm drain and your sewer system are not the same. Sewage is treated at the water Treatment plant while storm water goes directly into the creeks, bays and oceans. Both processes keep our water clean. 
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You can help reduce pollution by flushing only toilet paper, pee and poop and keeping the wrong things out of our sewer and storm systems.
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FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease)

Fats, Oils & Grease don't belong in our storm or sewer system. Learn some fun ways to avoid putting FOG in the wrong places.
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Thank You!

Recap and our thank you for watching.
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